Tramp Oils

A storage tank is a holding or collection tank for tramp oils recovered from the separation process of removing tramp oils from the coolant.

Tramp oils have a resale value and must not have any water mixed in. Therefore, after the separation process, the coolant is recycled. With water as the coolant, the water may be released into the nearest waterway or the sewerage system to be further processed if not reused. When the coolant is recycled after separation, it cannot have any tramp oils in it which requires an extremely sorbent oil skimmer. A decanter also facilitates the separation process, ensuring a more complete separation of tramp oils from coolant.

In order to extend the life of coolants, tramp oils must be continually skimmed from the surface of the tank.

The employment of oil sorbent skimmers to remove tramp oils is advantageous in the usage of coolant, its treatment, as well as its disposal. In fact, the proper disposal of coolants can be quite costly. With increased efficiency of the oil sorbent skimmers, this presents a decrease in the loss of time and money. Money is saved by recycling the coolant and selling the recovered tramp oils in the marketplace to be refined in order to be reused, making it advantageous to increase the bottom line.

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