rope_skimmer Ambar AMBAR oil sorbent rope mop and belt mop skimmer products are the result of decades of development, field-testing and refinement. The same simple but highly efficient floating oil skimmer technology still works to protect our environment. The greatest benefit of AMBAR oil skimmers has been for industries of all types – petrochemical, metal finishing and machining, food processing, transportation and many more. No matter what the industry, wherever the separation of oil and hydrocarbons from water is a problem, AMBAR has a simple, efficient and cost saving oil recovery solution that performs better than tube skimmer products.

About AMBAR Products

For decades, Ambar oil sorbent mop skimmers have been tirelessly working to provide oil spill recovery for the steel industry, performing oil separator operations from retention ponds, waste oil reclamation from storage tanks, and tramp oil skimmer products have been keeping machinery running clean. Ambar oil recovery systems do the same for the transportation industry with floating oil skimmer systems keeping sump pumps clear and oil sorbent mops keeping the shop floors clean. In the food industry, waste oil and grease continually present challenges that are easily handled by the versatile oil separator and skimmer offered by Ambar. Our oil spill recovery systems can easily take care of oils from animal fats, grease, or even vegetable oil. Today, AMBAR remains committed to developing more efficient oil spill recovery applications of evolving oil separator technologies. That innovation is realized through our expert engineering and quality-controlled manufacturing facilities. Most of all, AMBAR excels at creating solutions to real world oil recovery problems, where our success is measured by the satisfaction of our customers.

With over 40 years of experience in the oil skimming industry,

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