Belt Mop Skimmer: Sparrow Hawk 2

Like Its predecessor, the tramp Champ, The SPARROW HAWK 2 Oil Skimmer is both quick and efficient when it comes to the removal of tramp oils from coolant tanks, wash water sumps or any small area where hydrocarbons accumulate. The Sparrow Hawk 2 unit is designed for both vertical and horizontal recovery of floating oils. Find out more about our Belt Mop Skimmers.

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Belt Mop Skimmer: Barracuda 3

The Barracuda 3 oil skimming system is designed for small industrial applications such as sumps, basins or any in-plant location where tramp oil collects. Two 3” diameters, electricity powered squeegee rollers are capable of pulling up to fifty feet of rope mop and can achieve oil rates of up to 50 gallons per hour.

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