The Barracuda 3 oil skimming system is designed for small industrial applications such as sumps, basins or any in-plant location where tramp oil collects. Two 3” diameter, electricity powered squeegee rollers are capable of pulling up to fifty feet of rope mop.

The Barracuda 3 oil skimmer uses either belt mop or rope mop in both horizontal and vertical applications.

The Barracuda 3 oil skimmer can be fitted with variable speed controllers. The variable speed models allow for infinite adjustments of the recovery element speed to achieve on optimum operating efficiency which will minimize the water pick up.

Operation is simple – One twist of oil attracting “mop” falls from the mop engine, journeys across the outward part of the area to be skimmed, then is pulled back to the mop engine where the oil is being pressed from the mop. The oil gravity which is recovered is then drained from the entity through a 2” female pipe relevant at the centre of the unit. This 2” NPT coupling also serves as an easy method of mounting the unit about the sump.

Product Overview

Dimensions:  17″ x 17″
Weight:  B3 – 38lbs.
Power Requirements:  115VAC
Recovery Element: OCW 3-4
Max. Element Length: 50 ft.
Max Mop Speed: (single speed) 14 ft/min – (variable speed) 25 ft/min

Construction Materials

Housing: T-304 Stainless
Rollers: Buna-N w/ Aluminium Shafts
Rope Mop: Polypropylene

Barracuda 3 Rope Mop