Sparrow Hawk 2 Belt Mop SkimmerLike Its predecessor, the tramp Champ, The SPARROW HAWK 2 Belt Mop Oil Skimmer is both quick and efficient when it comes to the removal of tramp oils from coolant tanks, wash water sumps or any small area where hydrocarbons accumulate.

What makes the SPARROW HAWK 2  Belt Mop Oil Skimmer (S-2) such an attractive choice for low volume hydrocarbon skimming is its amazingly simple operation.

A single, continuous loop of oil-attracting “mop” drops from the unit, travels across the surface of the contaminated area, and then returns to the unit where the oil is squeezed from the mop by squeegee rollers inside. Removed oil gravity drains from the unit through a 2” male NPT fitting at the base, which can also serve as a mounting point.

This unit is designed for both vertical and horizontal recovery of floating oils. The attracted extension chutes easily accommodates vertical skimming applications. For horizontal recovery, a tail roller can be placed inside the sump providing a return point for the loop of mop.

The Sparrow Hawk 2 Belt Mop Oil Skimmer, second generation skimmer, retains the remarkable skimming capabilities of the Original Tramp Champ and places emphasis on reliability and ease of operation.

For reliability, the S-2 incorporates a better entry chute plan that reduces the possibility of knotting or ‘double casing.’ A new redesigned drive mounts and drive system warrants smoother operation and reduce sprocket and chain attire.

For affluence of the functions, the drive scheme has been moved to the out of the unite providing several advantages. For one, upkeep could be done with negligible utensils and, in some instances, without stripping the entity. This trait also preserves the improved product and polluted mop from being intrusive with the drive scheme.

Product Overview

Dimensions 17″x15-1/4″x8-1/2″
Weight 28 lbs.
Power Requirements 115VACl
Recovery Element BM-3
Max. Element Length 25 ft.
Max Mop Speed 13 ft/min 16 ft/min

Construction Materials

Housing T-304 Stainless
Rollers Buna-N
Rope Mop Polypropylene
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