Belt Mop Oil Skimmer

A Belt Mop Oil Skimmer is a non-oleophilic mechanism employed to skim oil from coolant and wastewater. Non-oleophilic skimmers are distinguished from oleophilic skimmers by the component used to collect the oil. In the case of a belt mop oil skimmer, the belt is used in applications where an oleophilic material, such as a rope, drum, or disc, is inappropriate. Since Belt Mop Oil Skimmers are used in harsh conditions, the skimmer is generally turned off whenever there is no oil to skim thus minimizing the amount of water collected. Belt Mop Oil skimming elements are nearly as efficient as oleophilic skimmers when oil is present and removes a high volume of oil. The skimmer works on the difference in surface tension of oil and water allowing the rotating continuous belt to attract waste oil and reject water.

The Sparrow Hawk 2 Belt Mop Oil Skimmer is equally rapid and significantly effective in the removal of tramp oils from coolant tanks, wash water sumps or any confined space where hydrocarbons gather. This mechanism is extraordinarily uncomplicated to control. The simplistic design allows for the removal of tramp oils vertically as well as horizontally. A singlar continuous loop of oil sorbent “mop” is released from the unit, traversing across the oily surface, and then is retrieved to the mechanism housing where a squeegee releases the captured oil from the belt mop. The Sparrow Hawk 2 is a second generation skimmer that possesses the exceptional skimming proficiency of the Original Tramp Champ, and distinguishes the significance of its reliability and ease of operation. These recycled tramp oils have value because they can be sold to other companies at a profit. The primary value of capturing these oils is to prolong the life of the facilities’ machinery. Waters or other coolants become recycled, reducing manufacturing costs because the need to purchase new coolants is significantly reduced.

Our waste oil recovery systems have been designed with ease of use and adaptability at the forefront. AMBAR’s oil sorbent materials have been specially designed to leave virtually no waste oils behind, leaving your facility cleaner, safer, and healthier over all. AMBAR’s highly qualified specialists can advise your food processing facility management how our waste oil recovery systems can be adapted to your specific requirements, as well as the best use of our waste oil recovery systems.

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