benefits oil skimmers


Various industries use water extensively in their production/manufacturing processes. As this water is put into use during these processes, problems occur when the water becomes contaminated with oil. This occurs when water is implemented to cool down machinery, to clean equipment, or is used in another fashion during the production process. It is imperative that the oil is removed from the water whether it is recirculated or dispersed into the nearby water supply.

Oil skimmers are employed to rapidly remove suspended waste oils, grease, and fats of all kinds from the surface of the water. By using oil skimmers, environmental considerations are taken into account and the tramp oils recovered have a monetary value. Through increased production efficiency, the quality of the products increases as well. Also, through the use of oil skimmers, the cost of treating waste water is reduced because it reduces the need to use expensive chemicals due to the removal of tramp oils as the skimmers act as a primary waste treatment. The longevity of the life of process fluids is increased through the unceasing removal of oil from the fluids. This results in a decrease in the cost of maintenance for changing the solutions; a decrease in cost to recharge wash and machining solutions; lower water bills; and reduced expenditures for disposal.

With over 40 years of experience in industrial oil skimming, Ambar’s oil sorbent rope mop, belt mop and tube skimmer products have resulted from decades of development, field-testing and refinement. The same simple but highly efficient floating oil skimmer technology still works to protect our environment as when it was initially introduced.

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