Importance of Removing Oil From Wastewater

Tramp Oil storage tank, Remove oil from waterThere are plenty of reasons why a business may need to remove oil from water. Some types of businesses that can use oil skimmers include Food Processing, Canning and Steel Industries, and oil water treatment systems.  Businesses need to comply with government standards to avoid the possibility of hefty fines. Businesses can also save money on disposal costs when they use oil skimmers.

Some Reason For Oil Removal

Oil contaminates water. Experts say just one gallon of oil can pollute as much as one million gallons of water. A pint of oil can cover the surface area of an acre.  Used coolants, water used in parts washing as well as grease from food processing and others can be sources of oily wastewater. Dumping wastewater containing grease or oil above the legal limit can lead to thousand and even millions of dollars in fines. If your business decides to hire a company to treat oily or other wastewater, you will find that it can get expensive. Using Ambar Oil Skimmers can save your business money.

Oil skimmers recover oil from the water’s surface. Water and oil do not mix because water molecules are more attracted to each other than to oil molecules. The oil always floats to the top because it is less dense than water. That’s where oil skimmers come in. Our highly efficient floating oil skimmer technology works to protect the environment. Our rope mop, belt mop and tube skimmer systems have been refined over decades.

With over 40 years of experience in the oil skimming industry,

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