Belt Mope Oil Skimmers

Belt oil skimmers use an endless steel or synthetic belt which the machine lowers into the tank or vessel to be skimmed. After passing through the tank, the belt passes through a sort of wiper blade system which removes the oil from both sides.  Since Belt Mop Oil Skimmers are used in harsh conditions, the skimmer is generally turned off whenever there is no oil to skim thus minimizing the amount of water collected. Belt Mop Oil skimming elements are nearly as efficient as oleophilic (rope, drum, or disc) skimmers when oil is present and removes a high volume of oil. The skimmer works on the difference in surface tension of oil and water allowing the rotating continuous belt to attract waste oil and reject water.

The Ambar belt mop oil skimmer Sparrow Hawk 2 is both quick and efficient when it comes to the removal of tramp oils from coolant tanks, wash water sumps or any small area where hydrocarbons accumulate. A single, continuous loop of oil-attracting “mop” drops from the unit, travels across the surface of the contaminated area, and then returns to the unit where the oil is squeezed from the mop by squeegee rollers inside.

Rope Mop Oil Skimmers

Barracuda 3 Rope Mop Oil Skimming SystemThese oil skimmers use an endless rope with mop-like features to pick up the oil. As the rope mope leaves the liquid and enters the drive unit, it is pressed and wrung out with rollers. For some type oils, the mop may mat down and lose effectiveness.

Ambar offers three types of rope oil skimming systems the Barracuda 3, Barracuda 4 and 6. These oil skimmers are designed for various industrial applications from sumps and basins to pits and holding ponds. The Barracuda 6 can achieve oil recovery rates from 50 to  15000 gallons per hour.

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