Modified Guide Roller For Ambar Oil Skimmers

Take a look at our modified guide roller at work. In our YouTube video, you can see an Ambar Oil Skimmer removing oil from water in a scale pit.  Our modified roller guides the belt to the wringer system. It can be used on Belt, Rope and Tube Oil Skimmers.

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About Our Oil Skimmer

Ambar’s mop oil skimmers are designed to use the difference in relative density and surface tension between waste oils and water, allowing the oil sorbent materials to attract lubricants as the skimmer passes through the surface of the water. A solitary loop of oil sorbent “mop” descends from the mechanism and traverses the surface of the polluted area. It is drawn back into the mechanism where the oil is recovered from the mop by pressing and wringing it out with pinch rollers. The water is either recirculated through the system or released out into the environment. These mop skimmers are designed to function unattended, with reliability, and requiring little maintenance. Waste oils are an unavoidable off-shoot of the manufacturing process, necessitating the use of mop skimmers. Ambar’s oil skimmer products are the outcome of research, development, field-testing, and clarification. However, as simplistic as it is in design, it is the refined floating oil skimmer technology that is still in existence to protect our environment.

Tube oil skimmers use a floating plastic hose that snakes out over the surface of the liquid and is then drawn back through the drive unit where oil is removed. This design requires a relatively large amount of surface area for proper operation. This oil skimmer can skim very shallow tanks. As a rule, the removal capacity is lower than belt, or mop type oil skimmers.

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