Barracuda 3 Rope Mop Oil Skimming SystemAPI Separators and oil skimmers are two highly specialized pieces of industrial equipment. The fundamental function of an API Separator is to separate the oil and waste from the water used as a coolant in the manufacturing process. The solid waste, through gravity, settles in the bottom of the separator. Whereas, the oils rise to the top because the specific gravity of oil in relationship to the water it is being separated from is different. This apparatus is a gravity separation device that employs the principle of Stokes Law, which defines the rise velocity of a particle of oil based on its density and size. The waste water is further treated after the oils and solids are removed so it can be recirculated as a coolant or released into the main water supply.

Oils skimmers are used in conjunction with API Separators, and come in many forms. Essentially, all forms are capable of removing the oils that rise to the top of the waste water, or other coolants, during the separation process. They are designed to glide across the surface, and the oil-attracting materials expedite a more thorough cleanup. The three types of oil skimmers offered by Ambar Environmental are: oil sorbent rope mops, belt mops, and tube skimmers. Depending on your specific water area and conditions, different types of skimmers will be more efficient in various conditions. You can also determine the best type of oil skimmer for the job by the type of cleanup you need achieve.

Ambar Oil Skimmers - API Separators & Oil SkimmersAmbar Environmental’s waste oil recovery systems have been designed with ease of use and adaptability at the forefront. AMBAR’s oil sorbent materials have been specially designed to leave virtually no waste oils behind, leaving your facility cleaner, safer, and healthier over all. With over 40 years of experience in the oil skimming industry, AMBAR’s highly qualified specialists can advise your facility management team how our waste oil recovery systems can be adapted to your specific requirements, as well as the best use of our waste oil recovery systems. To learn more about how our waste oil recovery systems can best serve your facility or to request a quote, please email us at info@ambarenvironmental.com. You can call our sales specialists locally at (504) 328-9877 or (504) 328-9874. Call us toll free at (866) 462-6227. We are located at 1030 Victory Drive, Westwego, Louisiana, 70094.

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