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The cheetah family of Rope Mop skimmers include those that wring the mop twice during each pass through the machine. This is necessary in applications that require long lengths of Rope Mop and in situations where the mop engine must be located well above the skimming surface.

This heavy duty machine is designed for high volume oil. The C2 is used for both oil spills and or continuous in-plant maintenance functions such as scale pits, pits, ponds and storage tanks.

The Cheetah 2 is a skid mounted wringer with an intermediates storage capacity of 1.12 barrels (47 gallons). The mop is wrung twice during each pass through the machine by two 4 inch diameter wringer rollers. The lower roller is mounted with adjustable spring mechanisms for mounted with adjustable spring mechanisms for pressure setting the rollers.

A quick release lever permits roller separation to facilitate set-up and adjustment. The diesel driven unit consists of a single cylinder engine coupled to a speed reducer through a chain drive and a centrifugal clutch. The electric unit is an explosion proof unit controlled by a programmable AC inverter. A chain drive is used to power both wringer rollers and a spring loaded chain tensioner is used to.

Product Overview

Dimensions 45” x 25-1/4”x32’
Weight (C2) 390 lbs (C2-D) 450 lbs
Power Requirements 120, 240, 460VAC / Diesel
Recovery Element OCW 3-4, OCW 4-6
Max. Element Length 300 ft.
Max Mop Speed 60 ft/min
Max Recovery 40 bb/hr (1680gal/hr)

Construction Materials

Housing Carbon steel
Finish Power Coating
Rollers Buna-N w/ Steel Shafts
Rope Mop Polypropylene