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Got Tramp Oil, Sludge, Grease, Fuel Oil, Cooking Oil, Animal Fats or other Hydrocarbon Problems?

Industrial Oil Skimmers are our
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Oil Skimmers and Belt Skimmers


Rope Mop Skimmer

Rope Mop Skimmers

Rope Mop Skimmers are effective for large high volume industrial applications where the rope mop extends across the water surface to recover grease and oils that are floating on the surface.

Belt Mop Skimmer

Belt Mop Skimmers

Belt Mop skimmers are typically used in small to medium applications to remove waste oil, grease, sludge and almost any hydrocarbon from the surface of industrial process liquids and waste waters.

Get Control.
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AMBAR manufactures oil skimmer products like belt skimmers and oil mops. We have 40 years of experience in the oil skimmer industry, and have evolved throughout the years. These decades of experience making industrial oil skimmers is experience you can trust when you need to skim oil from water in ponds, industrial tanks, pits, and lagoons, or need to clean up tramp oil.

AMBAR is dedicated to increasing the efficiency of its oil skimmer and oil separator technologies. We've designed oil mops and belt skimmers to address real world oil clean up needs. Using a skimmer floating on the water is the best way to perform oil/water removal. Our oil and water separators have been greatly useful for all types of industries that regularly need to perform oil/water treatment. Regardless of the type of production or manufacturing, if there's a need to separate oils and hydrocarbons from water,AMBAR oil recovery systems will help.

Logoon SkimmerRope Mop Oil Skimmer Belt Mop Oil Skimmer

For more information about AMBAR oil skimmers, contact a representative nearest you, or to request more information about our full line of oil skimmer equipment and products, call our toll free number: 1-866-GO-AMBAR

Oil Separator Technologies

Oil Water Separator

AMBAR Oil Separator Technologies can … Keep Your Oil Sumps and Waste Oil Tanks Clean. Improve Waste Water Treatment/Oil Treatment Efficiency. Reclaim Waste Oil from Storage Tanks. Our Industrial Oil Skimmers handle sumps, tanks, clarifiers, ponds, lagoons and waste water treatment plants.

Typical Locations for Oil skimmers equipment

Mop Oil Skimmers Equipment

Typical Locations for Oil skimmers equipment includes: Small Sumps, Storage Tanks, Coolant Reservoir, Spill Response...
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Small Sumps Storage Tanks Coolant Reservoir
Spill Response Settling Ponds Monitoring Wells
Parts Washer API Separator Waste Water Tanks
Wash Tanks CNC Machines Oil Water Treatment
Scale Pits Machine Tools


Industrial Oil Skimmers

Petro Chemical, Steel Industry, Machine Tools, Glass Industry, Canning Industry...
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